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Nuneaton Vintage Flea Market - recently added.
Eastgate Bookshop, Warwick - closed.
Green's Home Interiors, Coventry - no longer has books.

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Astley Book Farm
Astley Lane
BEDWORTH  Warwickshire  CV12 0NE   map
tel: 02476 490235  e-mail  web
Open: 7 days 10.00 - 5.00, including Bank Holidays.
General second-hand, hard to find & out of print books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsLarge and spacious shop spread over a range of farm buildings, with ample parking - a little out of the way, but well worth a visit if nearby, simply because of the size, quality and variety of its reasonably priced stock. Must be one of the largest shops in the country. - Gareth James 12.09.08.
    Definitely the best shop in the Midlands. The stock of novels is huge, they're in perfect alpha order and browsing room is plentiful. Prices are also surprisingly reasonable, mostly in the £1.50-£3.00 range even though the books are all in good condition. - Nick Campsall 04.11.08.
    How nice to find an owner who knew her subject. Found the division of subjects easy to follow. Strong on county matters. - Chris Harte 01.04.09.
    A real find, although difficult to find - (Now I have bought a sat nav it will be much easier.) Don't go into Bedworth itself unless for the very 'cheap' petrol (£1.33). The shop is a delightful barn(s) conversion with a 'ten bob' section outside. Dry but cold - some good books there but mostly not worth even 50p. Inside a different matter warm, friendly and well-organised. Probably the biggest fiction section I have seen outside Hay on Wye. All good quality, some older stock and the 50's/60's Pan paperbacks a little pricey but otherwise very good value - some examples of eclectic pricing. large children's section on the mezzanine . A good military and WW1/2 section. Languages section a little sparse. Excellent cafe with a really lovely log burner and free wifi access to ensure I don't buy duplicates (again). After reassuring the proprietor that I was not checking out whether her prices were fair on the web, staff were friendly and knowledgeable and you have the option of using a supermarket type plastic basket for the many purchases to avoid 'book-buyer's cramp' in the left arm.(Be warned you will come away with a nasty bout of 'book-buyers cricked neck'). Worth keeping an eye on their webs site as they have a marquee sale of books twice in the late spring at very good prices I am led to believe. Well merits the ultimate Drif accolade of WAD and ETGOW. Definitely be back! - Jon Morgan 03.03.12.
    Definitely worth the detour - massive stock, quantity and quality across pretty much all fiction and non-fiction. We came away with arond 15 books, from £1.50 to £20, almost everything we saw there very well-priced. - M&O 14.04.12.
    My favourite bookshop in the world. Very reasonable prices, huge well ordered stock on all subjects and knowledgeable owners. And cake! - Rosie Gamgee 10.11.12.
    A revisit and well worth the time spent wandering around. The general stock was fine and well categorised but it was the collectables which caused me to part with my money. Take your time with these sections for there are some very good items to be found. - Chris Harte 16.11.13.
    A great selection of books spread across several converted barns. I have been a regular visitor now for several years and recommend several hours for your visit. The onsite cafe has great cakes, sandwiches and you must try the Frank Parker (a famous local butchers in Nuneaton) sausage rolls! Also good to visit August b/hols as 15% off and a marque full of 50p books. - Laurence Batchelor 02.01.14.
    Wonderful!! - Andrew Bradley 14.08.14.
    Still a great shop although I found the extensive fiction section slightly tired. I have not dropped in for 6 months and there did not seem to have been a great turnover, Still wwad if only for the excellent coffee and the coffee and walnut cake. Top tip - make sure you take a coat as the season changes. The barns can be chilly due to sheer size. - Jon Morgan 07.10.14.
    Our second visit. The owners work hard at what they are doing, and there is no air of preciousness about the place. Prices for what I'm interested in are very fair. Two rooms featuring science fiction/adult fantasy. Must try the roast beef sandwiches next time. Have a safe trip, Sarah. - Andrew Bradley 27.10.14.
    This is still one of the best general second hand bookshops in the country. Unfailingly helpful staff who never fail to greet a regular, albeit sporadic customer, as an old friend, are unfailingly helpful and accommodating. The stock of modern fiction is fantastic and needs at least 90 minutes scan through. The cafe with its roaring log burner on a cold may day is great value and of high quality. I could live here happily ... if the very friendly dog would let me. Long may it continue. - Jon Morgan 09.05.15.
    About a 100 mile round trip for us, so we can't visit too often - but we would if we could. Browse in the morning, eat roast beef sandwiches, browse in the afternoon. A day out we look forward to. - Andrew Bradley 20.06.15.
    Fabulous place. Enormous selection, well categorised, arranged in many many shelves and cases arranged in such a way that I lost my wife at one point! Well heated in winter, plenty of stock, much at very reasonable prices; a good mix of the cheap and not so cheap. Picked up a mix of HB and PB for just over £30 including some decent early 60s James Bond novels. Cafe is excellent and warm - soup and sandwich very filling! Did get full by 12.30 - I can imagine some coming just for lunch to be honest. Very glad its only 50 minutes away; I'll definitely be back again and again. - Flip M 16.01.16.
    Well, yesterday was my 2nd visit since my review above. The first without my wife - big mistake, I spent 3 hours here (including lunch in the cafe) and spent far more than normal! Pointless to pick out any particular area - they have a large selection of most areas - history, military, biogs, sport; the largest Churchill selection I've ever seen too. Quite simply, if you love a good browse among old books - go. - Flip M 15.03.16.
    Having read the above encomiums I approached the Book Farm in a state of eager anticipation, but have to confess to a degree of anticlimax. Yes, it is big and yes, the prices are reasonable, but to my mind the stock overall lacks somewhat in quality. Recently published books are present in a high percentage and there seems to be an awful lot of paperback fiction, sci-fi and suchlike. In the end I suppose that it all boils down to where ones interests lie. That said, it is well worth a detour from anyone on the M6 and I certainly managed to leave with four purchases with which I was very pleased! - Henry Middleton 31.01.17.
    Like Flip M (above) I made the financial error of taking wife and adult children here, supposedly to go buying books. They saw the coffee shop and the food on offer so I was on my own while they gorged. As always I had no difficulty in sourcing the books of my interests and found that the stock had been replenished since my last visit. The owners have also obtained a huge collection of South African titles some of which are rare. As always I never seem to have enough time to look at everything. Maybe next time. - Chris Harte 30.10.17.
    What a marvellous shop. Our first visit and, despite the 150 mile round trip, will certainly return. Excellent stock and good prices. WWAD. - David 07.12.17.
    It's a great place to lose yourself in a browse and most subjects seem covered, and prices and quality of the books are both still very good. BUT... Don't go at halfterm, or at weekends, unless you go early in the day, or late. They serve great food and drinks in their cafe but many locals visit just for the cafe I think. We left our latest visit until my wife had a day off, just after halfterm in Bucks where we live. And went on a Monday - not realising Warwickshire had their halfterm start that day... The car park was full (we were lucky to get a space) - as was the cafe. Had an hour's browse and picked up some books but the number of pushchairs being wheeled around the narrow walkways,little ones running around, and several people eating at tables and blocking access to the biographies in the last room did grate a bit. By now, the cafe now had a queue waiting to order that was several deep (there were no tables free), so we bought our books and left, swearing to be more careful when we visit next time. But they're clearly doing something right - they're busy. - Flip M 10.03.18.
    Its been several years since my last review which is odd as I'm lucky to have Astley on my doorstep. The latest expansion on this farm is they have now opened a 'retro shack' in a sort of shed in the middle courtyard fill with bric-a-brack and novelty items. Frankly, I'd have preferred if they'd have added more space for the cafe or yet more books (there was talk of 80k in storage). The stock I'm happy to report has been refreshed and for the 1st time in the 15 years I've been buying from the owners, I found a title in the antiquarian section. I came away with 7 titles at reasonable prices. If you fancy somewhere which is massive to browse and has an excellent cafe this is worth travelling any distance for but avoid lunchtimes. - Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18.
    Still as good as ever. Wednesday morning and the cafe was packed. Lots of new stock and a large bag full of purchases. Such a friendly welcome from the owners too. This place deserves it success and is testament to the hard work which has been put into it. - Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18.
    Visited on a rainy Saturday and pleased to see the stock has been refreshed. This is my local 2nd hand bookshop and still one of the best in the country. Bulk discount offered without asking. Lovely cafe, warm owners and still 70k more books uncatalogued in storage. Give them a bigger farm is what I say! - Laurence Batchelor 13.06.19.

Barn Antiques
Station Road
Long Marston 
STRATFORD UPON AVON  Warwickshire  CV37 8RP   map
tel: 01789 721399  e-mail  web
Open: Tuesday to Saturday + Bank Holiday Mondays 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.30 - 4.30.
A unit containing around 500 books, predominantly History and Military, with some railway and music stock as well.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsVisited on a freezing Sunday after seeing the new listing here. This unit selling books, I would say about 300 in total, is downstairs in the right-hand corner. All were near new non-fiction Hardbacks with jackets and were a flat £4 each. Agree with listing that military, cookery and transport were well catered for. There is also a small collection of army books on one of the militaria stalls. Parking was free but the staff a little unwelcoming. 2 purchases made. - Laurence Batchelor 15.12.19.

Cat in the Hat Curiosities
37 London Road
COVENTRY  Warwickshire  CV1 2JP   map
tel: 02476 230295  e-mail  web
Open: Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 5.30, Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
A recently opened shop with lots of books amongst the other collectables.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsI'm happy to give this shops 1st review. Gordon is the owner and he's been there for 3 years. Free parking outside and onsite cafe and toilets in the basement. He use to display his 2nd hand books at Green's Home interiors on the East of the city but now he's setup in his own premises. The shop was a pleasant surprise as it's crammed with a lot of books all from house clearances. Highlights included a collection from a local ex-Rolls Royce engineer which were all on engineering, electronics, radar, jet engines and automotive etc. The shop is an eclectic mix of furniture, antiques, knick-knacks, jewellery and books. The books on the ground floor are all sorted but there is a basement of 1000s all unsorted and hard to get to. The owner stated he's working on getting more bookcases to display everything. Pricing was very reasonable and an excellent bulk discount was offered. The owner was very helpful and I hope his business prospers as the city needs good shops like his. I'd go as far as saying it's a hidden gem for the bibliophile. - Laurence Batchelor 08.10.18.
    A return visit and a lot more book stock has surfaced onto shelves from house clearances. Space is tight and it's the sort of shop where a good rummage might turn up hidden gems amongst the furniture and antiques. Nothing to purchase for me this time but just about every topic Gordon and his wife ferret away and find something. Owners are ETGOW and always try and apologise for the mess but it's not needed as that is part of this shops charm! - - Laurence Batchelor 18.01.20.

Duncan M Allsop
68 Smith Street
WARWICK  Warwickshire  CV34 4HU   map
tel: 01926 493266  web
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsSomewhat dusty and rather low-key but interesting material to be found if you persist. - Michael Mendelblat.
    This is a small but interesting shop with mainly older s/h books on most subjects. it is well worth a look, I do not come away empty handed. - Norman Davies 07.11.11.
    Sometimes murkiness is good but not always. Nevertheless, the place has pulling power. - OWC 13.09.12.
    I was told that I was a week too late as many of the generic volumes I was seeking had been sold. However, although I left empty-handed, it was obvious that the shelves housed some good quality items. Had an interesting discussion on the value of PBFA fairs. - Chris Harte 16.11.13.
    Visited 02-01-14 but the shop was still closed for Christmas & New years. The shop is just a short walk downhill from the castle. - Laurence Batchelor 02.01.14.
    Update. Tried again today but he's still closed with a note on the door saying will re-open 6th of Feb. - Laurence Batchelor 30.01.14.
    3rd time lucky it was finally open on a Saturday in Feb. Very helpful lady owner upon entering pointed me to the right shelves and offered discounts to me immediately my military interests became clear. It is only a small shop, but I noticed good fiction and paranormal sections. I came away with 1 heavily discount book WWAD. - Laurence Batchelor 20.02.14.
    After finding Eastgate closed, I crossed the road to investigate here ... and found it closed too! Apparently closed now on Mondays - sign on door confirms. Their website currently doesn't exist either. I guess I should have rung ahead. - Flip M 29.07.17.
    Little gems take finding, this is a gem. A unique shop, great stock, helpful owner. - Bazza 22.02.18.
    Return visit after 4 years, I would have visited sooner but for the life of me I thought they'd closed like Eastgate's across the road. Now run by the lovely wife of the original founder. Everything is well sorted into categories and easily browsable. New acquisitions are by the till and I was also allowed to view stock in the back stock room. Multiple purchases made and a discount offered. This dealer also exhibits at a few PBFA Book Fairs. I hope someone in the town continues this shop when the owner retires. - Laurence Batchelor 09.08.18.

8 Gloucester Street
LEAMINGTON SPA  Warwickshire  CV31 1EE   map
tel: 01926 886070  fax: 01926 886070  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00
A selection of antiquarian books, signed first editions and rare first editions for sale. Bookbinding service. Discuss any requirements with on site binder , John Richards, Society of Bookbinders International prize winner 2007 &2015

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Hunts Bookshop
9 High Street
RUGBY  Warwickshire   CV21 3BG   map
tel: 07989 622 028  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30.
A small high street bookshop which sells both new and secondhand books of all types.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsVisited on a Saturday morning around 10:30am and I was the only one in the shop which can't be a good thing! This is a small shop in the centre of Rugby with parking in the nearby Asda costing £3 (refunded if you buy something in-store). The shop itself is small but well organized as everything is categorized on shelves. The shop was strong on P/B fiction; local publications and children's books. I would estimate there were around 1,000 books on show and also some prints and gifts. I could see nothing which I would deem Antiquarian. The owner Kelvin seemed pleasant and the shop is the type that every small town needs so I hope the people of Rugby support it. Unfortunately, I left empty-handed as finding nothing in the WW2/military section which I didn't already own. - Laurence Batchelor 19.04.14.
    4 years since my last visit and this small high street shop hasn't really changed. It is a mixture of new and 2nd hand titles and it holds a small selection on each topic with no real specialisation on any one particular. There was a number of tables of books discounted and a few on the floor but overall the place is unclutterred with everything sorted on the shelves. I spotted some collectable rare 1st editions and also OS maps but I came away with 3 military purchases all reasonably priced from a helpful gentlemen. There are a number of charity shops in Rugby but they are all general types making Hunt's rather out on its own. Free parking in Asda a nearby if £5 spend within. - Laurence Batchelor 25.09.18.

JW Books
The Shopping Courtyard
Stratford Garden Centre Campden Road  Clifford Chambers 
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON  Warwickshire  CV37 8LW   map
tel: 01789 508031  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00, Sunday 10.30 - 4.00.
Extensive range of secondhand books encompassing architecture, art, aviation, biographical, history, maritime, military, natural history, performing arts, topography, transport, travel, sports and Folio Society. Local interests: Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Also Fred Archer and John Moore. Regular attendee at Churchdown Book Fair.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsSituated in a new small retail development north-east of the town. Lovely setting; ample parking; perfectly built and designed - but no one around! The owner still has many crates to unload but what was on the shelves showed a high proportion of local and regional titles. Give him time to settle in. - Chris Harte 16.11.13.
    Serves me right for not contacting owner beforehand: difficult to find, but looks like excellent selection. next door shop said owner only there occasionally but will open on request. - Norman Davies 13.08.14.
    Now trading as JW Books (John Welch who is very personable and helpful). Small shop but well picked and very clean stock, fairly priced. Worth visiting. - Brian Stringer 02.10.14.
    Recently moved from Evesham - TBG 05.11.15.
    A shopping unit within a garden centre courtyard. Amazing how much stock can be crammed in and still browseable/accessible! Mostly hardbacks and most are in excellent condition. Fair prices on most things I looked at. Ended up with only 1 book but the proprietor was so personable I ended up chatting with him for the best part of an hour. General stock I suppose (something for most tastes) but I spied a fair amount of history (especially military) and a lot of Folio editions. Well worth a detour if in the surrounding area. - Flip M 06.02.17.
    After my double strike out in Warwick, I took a return trip here. Happy to say it was not only open but well stocked (with more on the floor in boxes waiting to be sorted). Same comments apply as above, except more paperbacks this time, incl a batch of Star Trek and Star Wars novels. I found a few things to buy, at reasonable prices, in fact I was browsing for far longer than I spend in some larger shops. A good military selection but something for most tastes and WAD. - Flip M 29.07.17.
    Visited 11.40am on a Wednesday, but was still unfortunately closed. After visiting the shop next door calls were made and it appeared he was opening a bit later and was doing a book appraisal elsewhere. The stock in this shop is impressive - All high quality and nearly all Hardbacks with DJ's and not much ex-library. I would go so far to say that it has the best military book collection on show in the Midlands, superior even than my nearby Astley Bookfarm. The owner is most pleasant and helpful and this is one shop you simply must visit if in the area. I came away with 6 purchases, all reasonably priced and a bulk-discount was offered. Other categories well-catered for are Folio, Railways, Politics, some foreign-language Art books, Biographies, Maritime, Motoring among others. Advise ringing before making the journey. - Laurence Batchelor 03.08.18.
    An unexpected pleasure, unexpected because it's in the grounds of a garden centre. But certainly worth a visit as it's well stocked and the owner is knowledgeable and friendly. - J 11.11.18.
     Lovely shop. Stock in good condition but thought the prices a bit high. Reading previous comments no one else has mentioned this, perhaps I am becoming stingier as I get older. - David 15.12.18.

Mary Ann Evan's Hospice Shop
1A Weddington Terrace
NUNEATON  Warwickshire  CV10 0AG   map
tel: 024 7638 5986
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
A large warehouse type charity shop with a corner devoted to books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsa large warehouse type charity hospice shop with onsite cafe. Mainly furniture and items from house clearances but in the corner are several hundred secondhand books. Strong on fiction and mass-market paperbacks, but I guess you never know if gems may come into here every now and then. Low charity shop prices and friendly staff. Within sight and therefore walking distance from the railway station. Free parking in car back behind near the gymnastics centre. - Laurence Batchelor 11.11.19.

Midland Air Museum Shop
Coventry Airport
BAGINTON  Warwickshire  CV3 4FR   map
tel: 02476 301033  

 Add a comment  Hide commentsThere are around 500 or so secondhand books the main bulk of which are spread through bookshelves in the gift shop. No entrance fee needs to be made to view these secondhand books but if you do pay to go around the museum there are a few piles of books and magazines where they only ask for a donation. In the main shop the stock is unsurprisingly all military and 80% aviation with the rest armour and naval. 50% off sale on the secondhand books at the moment which takes the pricing down to an acceptable level. The shop also has some new military books also. Free parking. - Laurence Batchelor 21.01.19.

Nuneaton Vintage Flea Market
United Reformed Church Hall
Chapel Street 
NUNEATON  Warwickshire  CV11 5QH   map
tel: 01827 895899  e-mail  web
Open: Every Tuesday 8:30 - 3:00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsThis antiques, brick-a-brack, postcards and books market is free to get inside and there are about 10 stalls. Nearly all sell postcards and various sorts of ephemera but 2 stalls, in particular, caught my eye. 1 specialised in railwayana and the other militaria including a wide selection of 2nd-hand books. Pricing was reasonable and 1 purchase made from the military dealer. He informs me he has a lot more stock than he can bring to the market plus everything is not listed online. I'd recommend to also visit the Jailhouse cafe across the road which is one of the town's few nice eateries. - Laurence Batchelor 14.12.18.

Oxfam Books and Music
48 Sheep Street
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON  Warwickshire  CV37 6EE   map
tel: 01789 295 608  web
Oxfam is the UK's largest second hand bookseller, but it doesn?t stop there. We also stock cards for every occasion, along with a great selection of donated music. Whether it's vintage LPs or the latest modern fiction you want, we're well worth a look! To donate please drop into the shop.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsTheir description says it all really - they have completely taken over second hand bookshops with owners who built up a lifetime's experience. Please Oxfam ignore Internet sites and price for readers, collectors and dealers ... - Mary 13.04.13.Mini flyweight. 1/10. - The Boxer 17.09.13.
    Very small Oxfam shop which was busy when I visited on a Saturday. NWAD as the Oxfam book shop in Coventry is larger and has better stock. - Laurence Batchelor 20.02.14.
    The genuine bookbuyer should boycott Oxfam. Dealers have a living to make. - Andrew Bradley 15.09.14.
    Haven't we all! But anyone who sells books, new or second hand should be patronised. Oxidants profits go to people who cannot fend for themselves let alone make a living! - Jon Morgan 16.09.14.
    Return visit after 6 months. There was fresh stock and the staff friendly just nothing worthy of purchase again. - Laurence Batchelor 22.12.14.
    Hugely busy in the summer months as this shop is well positioned to get the lion's share of the tourists. The stock is small but well priced. Still nothing worthy of purchase in the rare or military sections. It still holds true for me that the Coventry Oxfam shop is superior in stock. - Laurence Batchelor 09.08.18.
    Many years since we were last here. Seem to remember that it was quite good. Not anymore, stock abysmal. Not WAD. - David 15.12.18.

Oxfam Bookshop
51 Regent Street
LEAMINGTON SPA  Warwickshire  CV32 5EE   map
tel: 01926 889215  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsWell worth a visit. - Kevin Ring 12.09.09.
    This shop is much better than the one in Stratford Upon Avon. Larger and with a small selection of collectable & antiquarian books. Easy to find as just off the parade. I came away with 2 books. - Laurence Batchelor 24.03.14.
    Whilst there is often much of a muchness in my areas of interest in here, I always seem to come away with one or two star items. Bypass at your peril! - Anthony 10.05.14.
    Similar comments to mine of last year, good selection, though I came away empty handed as I already had copies of what was on offer. - Anthony 09.04.15.
    Return visit after a few years gap. Still a well stocked shop and with reasonable prices on the children's books but I found some of the military books over-priced. When asked if there are anymore 2nd-hand bookshops in Leamington I was told "there's another small charity shop in Lillington (a suburb of Leamington). So worth a look. - Laurence Batchelor 06.09.18.
    Still superior to the smaller shop in Stratford and on par with the one in Coventry. I was pleased to find all the stock was refreshed and they now had a much expanded military section in addition to an enlarged antiquarian and collectables section by the till. Strong on p/b fiction and childrens also. - Laurence Batchelor 21.08.19.

Sense Charity Shop
123 Abbey Street
NUNEATON  Warwickshire  CV11 5BX   map
tel: 024 7637 1819

 Add a comment  Hide commentsI visited today and would say it qualifies as it has 7 large bookcases of secondhand books. Usual charity shop quality so strong on paperback fiction. The best thing I found and why it warrants adding for your visitors is the pricing as many books are 3 for £1 which has to be the lowest I've seen as regular pricing for a charity shop. - Laurence Batchelor 30.01.19.

St. Giles Hospice Book Shop
111 Long Street
ATHERSTONE  Warwickshire  CV9 1AB   map
tel: 01827 721613  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
Charity bookshop selling donated books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsVisited on a Saturday in 2011 and it seemed this was the only bookshop still open in the town as Throckmorton's on the village square was closed. The staff in the shop were helpful and checked their stock room for any further books which may have been of interest. Overall they had a selection of books on all topics just not a vast quantity or specialisation . I found 1 gem and left pleased but saddened that this 'book town' had died. - Laurence Batchelor 08.01.11.
    Visited again 3 years later and pleased to see this small shop on the high street is still well stocked with books. The two pleasant and chatty ladies allowed me into the back store room as there had been a recent acquisition of military books. I came away with 2 books as pricing was fair. I feel this shop could do with larger premises as they have almost as much stock out back, which cannot be displayed, as out front. WWAD if passing on the A5. Free parking in the town car-park or the Co-op car park. - Laurence Batchelor 22.03.14.
    My 3rd visit after a 4 year gap. Nothing much has changed in this sole survivor from the 'book town fiasco'. This time the Manageress and Sales Assistant would not let me view their small stock room as now - "out of bounds; staff only" however they did place books from there of my interest on the counter to peruse. Overall I found the stock of a lower quality than 10 years ago and their pricing seemed a tad high as just about all paperbacks were £1.99 and hardbacks £3.50 when some would warrant only £1 and £2 respectively in other charity bookshops. I would most definitely put the charity bookshops in Coleshill, Coventry and Stratford ahead of this small establishment. - Laurence Batchelor 30.08.18.

Stephen Rench
Unit 8
Blackwell Business Park 
SHIPSTON ON STOUR  Warwickshire  CV36 4PE   map
tel: 01608 682224  e-mail  web
Open: By appointment.
A specialized stock of around 4000 books concentrating on Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire topography, also Shakespeare, the Middle Hill Press, fine bindings, miscellaneous antiquarian + books about books. Some prints, drawings, watercolours, maps + manuscripts are also available. Catalogues issued. Visitors to the office are welcome - please contact me first as I am often out buying books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsA dying breed unfortunately - a genuine book dealer with many gems on his shelves. Have bought many books from Stephen's website.It is always a pleasure to do business with him. - Alan 10.01.13.
    A real gentleman. Very willing to open up and show the range of what he has, which is particularly good on topography. - CB 20.02.14.

The Chaucer Head Book Shop
21 Chapel Street
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON  Warwickshire  CV37 6EP   map
tel: 01789 415691  e-mail  web

 Add a comment  Hide commentsEasily found close to the town centre this is a medium sized shop with two very well stocked rooms and a lot more in a corridor outside. Inevitably in Shakespeare's birthplace the literary theme is prevalent but the shop has a good general selection of other subjects and, while a bit of a tight squeeze between shelves when busy, the shop does seem to have something to interest most of the family as well as the Shakespeare tourists. - Jeremy Briggs 29.06.09.
    Very good shop with large collection (not just Shakespeare) most subjects at decent prices. Well worth a visit. - Norman Davies 07.11.11.
    Being Stratford I expected so much more in quantity and quality. Consequently, I was disappointed. - OWC 13.09.12
    Has a good selection of books of all kinds, however, I found the pricing to be very expensive, even out of tourist season! I found 2 books on WWII/Naval but put them back in the end as the prices were unjustified considering their condition. I also found the stock hard to browse in the back room as there were wooden trays of books in the way of most shelves. If this is the best Stratford has to offer I won't be visiting this shop for a while. - Laurence Batchelor 20.02.14.
    I liked it. Nice size and with mostly well priced stock. Very pleasant owner, too (and dog!). Threw me a book in free of charge - always much appreciated. One to go back to. - Andrew Bradley 15.09.14.
    A good selection of books on all subjects reasonably priced. I could have bought a fair few but I'm running out of bookcases! Good selection of topography, especially on the midlands area. Pleasant chap on the till. - David W Edmunds 02.10.14.
    Return visit after 6 months. I agree the chap on the till and the dog are both very pleasant, but yet again I cannot find any military/naval books to purchase here as the prices are too high on the few I did locate. In the end all I bought was a bookmark. - Laurence Batchelor 03.01.15.
    A pleasant browse, some good local Warwickshire material though nothing to tempt me on this occasion. - Anthony 13.11.17.
    What a difference a bit of time makes ... upon my visit this time on a hot and busy August Saturday the stock had been thoroughly refreshed. I found numerous naval & military titles from a collection they had purchased the previous winter -quality 50s and 60s hardbacks in dustcovers. The stock is spread over 2 rooms floor to ceiling, an inter-linking corridor and the entrance way. Everything appeared to be categorized and well stocked with nothing on the floor to get in the way. Mulitple purchases were made and it would have been more but their pricing is at the higher 'South Warwickshire' 'for Tourists' end of things. Still, bulk discount was given and they are well worth visiting. - Laurence Batchelor 09.08.18.

The Shakespeare Hospice Bookshop
45-45a Rother Street
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON  Warwickshire  CV37 6LT   map
tel: 01789 209232  e-mail
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsThe Stratford Bookshop rises, zombie-like, as another dismal charity bookshop. Largish readers stock spread over two floors. Also interesting bookstall in nearby antique centre in Ely St. Small R/C stock. - Son of Drif 22.12.09.
    A fairly large charity bookshop: currently the stock is 90% modern paperbacks, with just a sprinkling of hardback and older books. Also sells DVD, records, videos etc. - Richard 01.07.10.
    Now has a very good large selection of hardbacks and older books in 3 rooms. A superior charity shop - odd overpricing but generally books on all subjects (including music speciality) at cheap prices. I came away with a bundle! - Norman Davies 07.11.11.
    Having seen off secondhand bookshops, charity bookshops now behave like bookshops and often overcharge. Internet site prices are not necessarily accurate or what the book is worth! However this shop is quite good and well arranged. - Mary 13.04.13.
    A superior charity shop spread over several rooms. The stock is well organised and prices are reasonable. I came away with 3 books. - Laurence Batchelor 20.02.14.
    Typical charity bookshop. Silly, chatty women running it; overpriced stock. - Andrew Bradley 15.09.14.
    Mainly books of fairly recent date but there are some 'old & interesting/collectable' books in the back room together with CD's/Records. Those I looked at were reasonably priced (compared with some charity shops). - David W Edmunds 02.10.14.
    As ever very helpful staff who kept going upstairs to bring down more childrens books. The shop is still nicely laid out with an unusual window display and for a charity shop the stock turn seems good. - Laurence Batchelor 03.01.15.
    Well well, never met a charity bookshop like it. Very good selection, mostly reasonable prices and some real bargains too. Am told that they will be making their inner sanctum available to browse soon too. - Anthony 13.11.17.
     Simply put the best charity bookshop in the Midlands. The shop has now expanded since my last visit with the additions of more shelving and more categories, 50p bargain book boxes outside on the pavement and the middle room now has a cafe area. Their pricing is very reasonable as everything is priced to sell. A shop with lovely staff and a place everyone must visit and support. - Laurence Batchelor 09.08.18.
    Excellent shop. Good prices, other charity bookshops could take a lesson from this one. - David 15.12.18.

Tree House Bookshop
5-7 Abbey End
KENILWORTH  Warwickshire  CV8 1QH   map
tel: 01926 856843  e-mail  web
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
Community bookshop selling donated books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsA small charity bookshop towards the top of the high street. Strong on fiction and Children's books but as its a general bookshop all categories are catered for to a degree. Not particularly strong on my areas of interest which is military and naval but they are at the mercy of the town's folk donations. The really best part of this shop is the prices. Picked up 2 1st-edition hardbacks with dustjackets for £2 each. The same title in the same condition was £6.99 the day before in Oxfam in Knowle. The lady owner was lovely and I had to interrupt a book club meeting happening in the shop on a Friday morning I visited for her to assist. There is 3 or 4 general charity shops in the town also selling a few secondhand books for the visitor to browse and the new bookshop Kenilworth books. Long may this lovely secondhand bookshop prosper. - Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18.
    Shop was certainly open yesterday, 29th November, and not closed as indicated at the top of the Warwickshire listing. Good range of books available at reasonable prices. - tring 06.12.18.

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