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Courtyard Books, Ledbury - recently opened.
35 West, Leominster - recently opened.
Castle Hill Books, Kington - closed.

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35 West
35 West Street
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8EP   map
e-mail  web
Open: Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
3000 ever changing books with a distinct emphasis on books for readers, including a room of paperbacks. Presented alongside locally roasted coffee, local cakes, local apple juice and free sun (subject to availability) in our South Facing Terrace.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsA wonderful surprise to find this shop on our last visit to Leominster. Bought several and will be back. A delightfully eclectic mix of stock. To misquote Mrs Trellis "very good". - David 13.08.19.

Albion Books
The Merchants House Antique Centre  10 Corn Square 
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8LR   map
tel: 07818 296279  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
General secondhand books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsThe sort of general titles to be expected in an Antiques Centre. Average but worth a visit if you are in the town. - 29.10.12.
    Very small stock - about five bookcases. - Mark 10.11.12.
    Large upstairs room with wide range of material - holiday paperbacks to more interesting stuff. Owner very keen to help. Explained he was expanding, and was sorting out. I suspect a place well worth keeping an eye on. - Book Buyer 31.05.14.
    Quite a surprise to find part of an Antiques Centre given over to shelves of books. Everything in its correct category and very easy to peruse. Fairly general stock. Nothing spectacular but worth a look. Co-owners friendly and helpful. - Chris Harte 09.04.15.
    The best of the options in Leominster. Well laid out, clean and bright stock, reasonably priced. Also on offer is a wide range of traditional tools and architectural ironmongery. You want a billhook of any specified vernacular type? You'll probably find it here! Didn't find any books to take home, but happy with a miscellaneous selection of wooden bits. - TravellingLibrary 18.05.18.

Chapters Charity Bookshop
17 Union Street
HEREFORD  Herefordshire  HR1 2BT 
tel: 01432 352149  e-mail
Open: Thursday & Friday 9.30 - 4.30.
We try to keep books on a variety of subjects to suit every taste. We are the largest secondhand bookshop in Hereford with an extensive range that are fairly priced.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsShop is now only open on Thursday and Fridays between 9.30 and 4.30. - Booksellerbull 03.01.20.

Courtyard Books
Unit 10 The Homend Shopping Mall
32 The Homend 
LEDBURY  Herefordshire  HR8 1BT   map
tel: 01242 674335  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
We have a wide selection of new and second-hand books. We also offer a new and second-hand book ordering service. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

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David Thomas Motoring Books
Tudor Yard
Lawnside Road 
LEDBURY  Herefordshire  HR8 2BZ   map
tel: 01531 636313  fax: 01531 636313  e-mail  web
Open: Usually Monday - Friday 9.30 - 2.30, but please phone ahead if travelling as I may be away at a show or an auction.
Motoring and motor racing books, sales brochures, automobilia, ephemera. Mostly out-of-print, some new. Items bought.

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Leominster Books
Book Room
The Secondhand Warehouse and Antiques Centre  New Street 
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8DR   map
tel: 01568 614114  e-mail
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
On the first floor of this large Antiques Centre. A good selection of secondhand and antiquarian books on all subjects. New stock added regularly.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsQuite a good selection on the first floor. All in category order with a number of shelves of old children's books. - Chris Harte 29.10.12.
    Well organised, well lit and stocked with an interesting mix of old and modern books at reasonable prices, even some sheet music. Handy for the car park and free coffee too. One not to miss. - Laura 29.10.12.
    Very small stock. About half a dozen bookcases. - Mark 10.11.12.
    The customer above must have missed the book room and only visited one of the antique dealers on the ground floor of the Centre who carries a small stock of books. Leominster Books is on the first floor (up the main staircase by the cash desk) and has a substantial stock of several thousand books in considerably more than half a dozen bookcases! - Simon, Leominster Books 14.11.12.
    Yes, if you go straight upstairs you will find the real books - excellent selection, decent prices. WWAD. - Norman Davies 24.08.13.
    A fairly large unit in a bright and interesting antiques centre. The stock is well presented and in good condition, and there is a comparatively wide selection of well-chosen books at quite reasonable prices. However, there is no facility for those who like to rummage in interesting and dusty corners. - Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14.
    Asked for Leominster Books at the main desk, only to be met with puzzlement. There is a unit of books upstairs, but it is fairly small in size and general in character. - TravellingLibrary 18.05.18.

Matthew Nutt Books
Minster House Antiques Centre
34 Broad Street 
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8BS   map
tel: 01568 615505  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
Room full of books within Minster House Antiques Centre. Subjects include antiquarian and collectable, transport, militaria, art, herefordshire. Large amount of new stock added monthly

 Add a comment  Hide comments Limited stock but remarkable range of accessible antiquarian titles. Seemed quite pricey but might have the one book you need ? - Norman Davies 24.04.10.
    Absolutely magnificent, both on the ground and second floors.The quality of the antiquarian books was a treat I never expected. I spent three hours sifting through the offerings before buying a number of them, after which my wife purchased some from her interests. WWAD. - Chris Harte 29.10.12.
    One room of miscellaneous cheap stock in a conservatory, one room of antiquarian, including quite expensive vintage photo albums. No real general stock or modern literature. NWAD. - Mark 10.11.12.
    This is a roomful of books in an antiques centre, which, having taken a wrong turning upon entry, I found quite difficult to locate. Once I was there I was lucky enough to hit a seam of the sort of stuff which interests me and I bought quite a few old and interesting titles. While there is not a large stock, it is strong on a number of specific, non-fiction subjects, with some fascinating antiquarian items, and containing a good selection of maps and prints. - Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14.
    There are still two rooms of books here, as described above. The antiquarian room is a crush of old leather bindings and paper; the conservatory has a small range of more recent titles. - TravellingLibrary 18.05.18.

Oxfam Books and Music
36 Broad Street
HEREFORD  Herefordshire  HR4 9AR   map
tel: 01432 279527  web

 Add a comment  Hide commentsCan't comment as it was 'closed for staff training 9.30-12.30' on the Friday morning we were in Hereford. - Alastair Palmer 29.06.09.
    Typical Oxfam. Overpriced, boring, and the little quality stuff priced by an optimist with an Abe Books fixation, not realising that they are still for sale on ABE at those prices because nobody wants them at those prices. - The Wanderer. 30.10.09.
    Miserable stock, eye-watering prices, weirdly conceited staff. A truly dismal experience. - The Dikler 30.11.10.
    STOP PRESS: Opening hours are becoming erratic due to 'staff shortages', but at least the prices are holding up: a 1926 copy of Fowler's Modern English Usage without the dj? £25.00. Hurry, hurry! - 1torygloom 16.03.11.
    Pleased to say that this time when bringing in 3 large boxes of books for donation, I was greeted by a very pleasant & polite middle-aged gentleman who was very grateful for them. On the previous occasion (at least a year ago) when donating a box of books, they were sniffed at for not being good enough. Not everyone donates first editions of rare books. Well done Oxfam for getting rid of the arrogant staff! - La Boheme 12.05.11.
    Ham-fisted. 1/10. - The Boxer 17.09.13.
    Popped in as its across from the cathedral we'd just visited. One of the largest charity shop stocks I've seen but clearly they don't want anyone to get much of a bargain. Highest priced oxfam shop I've been in and I speak as someone who visits the Blooomsbury branch quite regularly in central London. Disappointing. Reasonable stock but nothing for me at those prices. - Flip M 18.03.16.
    Visited after Xmas and the stock seemed rather uninspiring. The prices seemed average for Oxfam and the end of Xmas sale encouraged me to purchase a couple of items. Refused to take my Scottish £20 note! - Booksellerbull 03.01.20.

Ross Old Books
51 and 52 High Street
ROSS-ON-WYE  Herefordshire  HR9 5HH   map
tel: 01989 567458  e-mail  web
Open: Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
Ross Old Books has re-opened and is now managed by Phil Thredder & Paul Elder. The shop has been entirely re-stocked with good quality second-hand books and a good selection of rare & antiquarian books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsUnder new ownership - now run by Chris & Carole Lowndes, late of the Chichester Bookshop. - TBG 01.10.08.
    The picture perfect old fashioned bookshop for a country market town - the cobbled lane, old oak shop front, the handpainted gilded sign, the bell on the door. And it has good and wide ranging stock with reasonable prices to boot. Well worth a detour - George Marshall 16.09.09.
    The stock on the shelves was not quite what I had expected to find. This is not a criticism as I found lots of good material but the build-up to my initial visit had been one of anticipation as others had told me of an antiquarian heaven. Having said that, what I did purchase was most acceptable. - Chris Harte 31.12.09.
    I cannot recommend this shop highly enough - clean and tidy, well organised, clearly labelled shelves, good quality stock at extremely fair prices. Better than anything I've found in Hay. WHL - 06.06.11.
    The best general stock I've seen anywhere, and all so neatly arranged. Prices below average. They have a fabulous bargain room as well. - Waverley 19.04.12.
    Agree with all the previous comments. Good quality, reasonable prices, pleasant owner. - Corso 11.09.12.
    It is always a pleasure to visit this well run and interesting bookshop. - Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14.
    Always a pleasure. Very good selection. Very reasonable prices (and discount!) Very pleasant owner. Came away with usual armful. And very good tea shop round the corner. - Book Buyer 31.05.14.
    Ross Old Books will re-open under the previous owner, Phil Tredder, and another Book Dealer in September/October. - book-reader10 12.07.14.
    A delight. So rare nowadays to find pleasant surroundings, good stock and a knowledgeable owner who understands the necessity for sensible prices. It made my trip to Herefordshire worthwhile. - Jill Jones 09.04.15.
    Five and a half years since my last visit. The first thing that struck me was the general pricing. It has gone from reasonable to most acceptable. Everything was laid out on the shelves for the ease of customers and browsers. Whatever I wanted was so easy to find. Left with a handful of titles and warm memories of a most helpful female assistant. - Chris Harte 24.04.15.Yes, it is a pleasure to visit this shop despite having nothing of what I collect. Well laid out and fair pricing. I chatted to the owners who are very realistic and experienced. Worth a visit. - CB 29.05.15.
    Lovely welcoming "old book shop" atmosphere. Well laid out stock. Fairly recent used paperbacks at not much more than Charity shop prices. Much antiquarian at a flat 10pounds each which seemed reasonable with some interesting titles. I bought a collection of Punch Disraeli cartoons from the 1880s I wouldn't have bought otherwise. Friendly staff, and given a good sturdy bag to carry my purchases in. Recommended. - Flip M 18.03.16.
    Excellent shop with interesting range of stock at reasonable prices. Could have bought more. Will return. WWAD. - David Bob 04.05.17.
    What a change since my last visit two and a half years ago. The place has been transformed. All books are categorised and then sub-categorised. So many of the titles of my interests I had not seen before. nor heard about. I had a wonderful time especially as the pricing was so reasonable. The owner knew his books so the conversation was perfect. WWAD. - Chris Harte 30.10.17.
    Central location, well organised bookshop with good lighting, sufficient space, great range of titles and, above all, books at sensible prices. WWAD. - SteveBrissle 13.11.17.
    Third visit here this year and well worth it. Very good stock, good prices. We never leave empty-handed and will be back again. Excellent shop. - David 20.11.17.

St Michael's Hospice
44 Broad Street
BROMYARD  Herefordshire  HR7 4AA   map
tel: 01885 483992  web
Open: Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday: 10.00 - 2.00.
Upstairs, you will find a room dedicated to a wide collection of books and music.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsWell laid out, a good roomful, very cheap, varied stock. Worth a visit if you’re in the area. - Nodnerg 16.07.16.
    Standard charity shop but better than average childrens and music (mainly sheet music) in room upstairs. - Norman Davies 13.03.17.

St Michael's Hospice Coffee & Bookstore
Unit 6-8 Station Yard
Worcester Road 
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8TN   map
tel: 01568 614 137  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
Situated next door to the Home and Living Store a brand new café and bookshop. Thanks to the specialist knowledge of our volunteers the store has an impressive range of military, history, transport, folio society, antiquarian and local tourism books.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsGood selection of modern fiction and non-fiction with a selection of older books at the back. Parking right outside and a coffee shop at the front, the staff were very welcoming and as you can see I splashed out on a couple of 1970 Piccolo titles. - Tim 13.11.18.
    Very impressive newly set out like a small library. VG modern books but also many older on subjects particularly transport and other non fiction. Good café too. Note is near station not in town centre. - Norman Davies 26.04.19.

Tarrington Books
Shire Cottage
TARRINGTON  Herefordshire  HR1 4EU   map
tel: 01432 890746  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 6.00, appointment necessary.
Thousands of antiquarian and collectable books in stock including crime fiction, signed first editions, vintage Penguin paperbacks, military, history, theology, engineering and quality fine bindings. New stock added every month. We primarily trade online but browsers are more than welcome by appointment.

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The New Strand
Church Street
EARDISLEY  Herefordshire  HR3 6PW   map
tel: 01544 327285
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 8.00, closed Tuesdays and in January.
20,000 secondhand books on all subjects.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsA bit jumbled but there are treasures to be found if you look hard enough. - Chris Harte 01.04.09.
    I can't think what one would call this place ... it's a teashop, a pub, a hotel and bookshop all piled on top of each other. It is extremely eccentric and rambling, and there are indeed a large number of books here piled up all over the place and stuffed into an annexe. Worth a visit for the sheer oddness of it. - George Marshall 23.09.10.
    Definitely worth a detour,very old fashioned,very variable stock.Take kneeling pads and a headtorch. There should be more shops like this!! - Corso 11.09.12.
    This is one of the most eccentric bookshops it has ever been my pleasure to visit. The stock is sort of categorised but like the above reviewer I needed to borrow a large torch to look into the crevasses'. What I found was excellent and I completed my search just as the battery faded. From the cafe side purchase of jars of the home-made raspberry jam should be compulsory. - R S Cavendish 29.10.12.
    A pub, cafe, greengrocer and bookshop all in one. Mostly paperbacks out the front, but don't miss the hardbacks out back (which can be a bit chilly), fiction ground floor, non- up the stairs. Very moderate prices and lots to browse. Friendly and welcoming. - Mark 16.11.13.
    Hadn't visited this one for some years so thought we would give it another try. Have to say that although there may be some good stuff it is not very evident. Would not return. - David 20.11.17.

The Retro Station
Unit 11-13 Station Yard Industrial Estate
LEOMINSTER  Herefordshire  HR6 8TW   map
tel: 01568 610614  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
A number of bookcases and some stock displayed in boxes on the floor.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsJust along from St Michael's Hospice Coffee & Bookstore in Station Yard, Leominster two units of the industrial estate are occupied by The Retro Station a vintage and antique warehouse. In amongst the display cabinets and racks of clothing are a number of bookcases. Some stock is displayed in boxes on the floor. The displays seem a little random with antiquarian books and mass market sharing the same shelf space. Although the prices are very fair. I came away with 50+ old penguins. Plenty of parking outside. - Booksellerbull 02.01.20.

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