The Book Guide

I am hoping to explore hosting some of the information from the now sadly defunct website "The Book Guide". I will initially be developing some new Book Guide webpages as part of a community library site which is also in development.

Updated Sunday 20th September 2020

Apologies to all for the much delayed updates to the site BUT they are finally on their way! Beginning this week I will be spending some time each week updating the site starting with adding book bindery information from the old site. At some point in the next few weeks I will need to get updated information on bookshop opening and opening hours. I expect some shops may be still operating online only during the pandemic and others may have changed hours from previously. I recommend folks check before setting out visiting shops and NOT rely on the old information. I will make it very clear on shop listings when I have any recent information for a particular bookshop.

Updated Monday 4th May 2020

All the old bookshop data has now been loaded onto the new website! I'll be in the garden for a few days but will continue with this website later in the month. Keep safe everybody !

Updated Saturday 2nd May 2020

I have created a new domain name "" which I shall now use to develop the new site. Warning: this will look a bit of a mess for a while until I sort a more consistent look and feel to the site presentation and navigation. This site is actually a sub-folder of a new Stoneleigh Community Library website which is currently in development. Since we had a spare free domain name I decided to use it for the book guide. This will save me the personal expense of paying for a new hosting package :-) Also hopefully when thebookguide site is running successfully it might also improve the standing of our local library! I have done a fair bit of work on the site this week and hope to have all the bookshop information loaded mostly as it was on the old site by the the end of the weekend (3rd May). After that I will be slowly updating/tidying the html and css code behind the pages. If you came to this site via the link "" (which is where the new library site is temporarily located) please in future go directly to "". Thanks, Roger.